Healthy choices can change your life


Making healthy choices on a regular basis can make a difference to your life. It can increase the quality of your life and extend the length of your life. Extending life wouldn’t mean a whole lot if it simply meant living extra years with more disease, increased disabilities, and without much quality to life. What we actually find is that the same lifestyle changes that add years to your life, can also add life to your years!

The aging process is accelerated if we smoke, drink alcohol, don’t exercise, inadequately manage excessive stress, don’t sleep enough and eat poorly. Studies of populations around the world also reveal that a low-fat plant-based diet, along with regular physical activity, is a key factor for longevity. Take an inventory of your life and see where you can improve your lifestyle.

Add some meaning and purpose to your life as well. Those who report higher levels of enjoyment manifest lower rates of health problems, fewer sick days, less stress, sadness and anger. If you are happy, you have more energy and better coping skills, you are more creative and have a greater work output, and live a healthier and longer life.

Good health habits don’t guarantee a long life, but they increase the likelihood of living longer and better. Research shows that the earlier in life good lifestyle habits are adopted, the greater the benefit to one’s overall well-being.  You want to add life to your years? Why not start today making healthy choices?

Dr. Winston Craig, Professor of Nutrition and Wellness


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