The Power of Faith!

Trust is one of the first things a baby must learn. The baby learns to trust mom to provide food, warmth and love. Later in life we must also manifest faith in common truths. Both deception and truth can confront our minds but the consequences of each differ substantially, depending upon what we choose to believe.

Through faith God’s gift of salvation in Jesus Christ becomes accessible to us. Living faith is a constantly evolving relationship of trust and love in God, through prayer and the study of His Word. In a world full of violence, frequent natural disasters and various incurable diseases, faith is necessary. Through it we can preserve our emotional and physical health.

Jesus revealed his healing power by the miracles he did: through faith the blind saw, the paralytic walked and the dead came alive. Today studies are showing that faith has beneficial effects on health, healing, life satisfaction and wellbeing.

There is no better means of reinforcing our physical and spiritual strength than to manifest faith and gratitude for God’s love and care! But faith doesn’t prevent us from adopting a healthy lifestyle or from the use of needed medical care. To the contrary.Faith motivates us to manifest fidelity to the moral and physical laws created by our loving Creator. Thus our lives are filled with harmony and God’s grace makes miracles happen in us and through us.

Open your heart to trust God and experience the healing power of faith today!

Dr. Desislava Gerasimova, Physician

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