Invest in healthy Relationships!

Healthy relationships do not happen by chance! Whether we want it or not, we are at any moment in different relationships with our parents and children, our partners or colleagues. If these relationships are supportive ones, our immune system is strengthened and our ability to fight disease is increased.

While some enjoy their family and work relationships others are suffering because of them. Failed relationships – because of conflicts, violence, abuse or problems with the partner - can have serious consequences for the health of those affected, such as insomnia, depression, headache, or fatigue. Poor relationships affect our well-being. But we definitely need each other. The famous philosopher and physician Viktor Frankl once said about the meaning of life: “Man learns his purpose in life when he turns to something or someone.” The apostle Paul went further writing “Owe no man anything, but to love one another”: Rom13:8

How can I contribute to a relationship that thrives again? Good communication skills are necessary for successful relationships. We must learn how to express our feelings and show interest in how our counterpart is feeling! Forgiveness and gratitude can also be learned.

Approach your partner, your parents, your children and your colleagues in new ways that make your relationships successful. You will be the one who benefits from it the most!

Neither health nor healthy relationships happen just by chance- their future is in your hands!

Dr. Klaus Gstirner, Physician and psychotherapist

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